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It was May 7, 1946 the ballot measure to form King County Fire District 27 passed with 157 yes votes and 8 no votes.

Howard Stow, Charles Hanson and Calvin Kiest served as the first District Commissioners. On October 2, 1946 the Fire District purchased its first Fire Truck, an International, which featured a 300 gallon tank, a mid ship 500 gallon per minute pump and a high pressure PTO pump.  A local milk trucking business owner agreed to house the Fire truck in his garage until a permanent facility could be built. In late 1947 the District completed plans for the first fire station, which was, located on 337th and 43rd St.

In April of 1951 the District took delivery of its second Fire Truck, a 600 gallon per minute Bean high pressure pump mounted on a Diamond T chassis.  In early 1960 the District made a deal to purchase the two lots and the building where the local milking company had earlier allowed the District to store its first fire truck. The Volunteers stepped forward and provided manpower to renovate the structure for the Districtís next Fire Station. An additional third bay was added, complete with roll up doors.

In December of 1974 a decision was made to begin looking for an architect to design a new Fire Station. In the summer of 1975 the District procured the land needed for the station and a ballot measure was overwhelmingly approved on February 10, 1976 to secure the funding for the current Fire Station which was completed in May of 1977. In 2001 the Voters passed a 2.4 million dollar bond issue to remodel and add 6,200 sq ft to the existing Fire Station. The remodel was completed in September of 2004.

1951 photo of firefighters at the first station

First Fire Station 1947 - 1961
337th and SE 43rd Street, Fall City

Front row left (standing): Al Slott-1, Lonnie Ewing-2, Sam Green-3, Chet Bluher-4, In truck-Mel Smith-5
Front row right (standing): Art Peterson-6, Leroy Bronemann-7, Fred Bronemann-8
Back row left (on top of truck): - Einer Swensen-9, Ed Erickson-10, Emil Tellinghusen-11, Austin (Gum) Huhn-12
Between trucks: Jim Arnett-13, Ken Corliss-14, In truck- Bill Steinke-15, Back right - Jack Ogilvie-16
On top of back truck: Skip Baldasar-17, Bob Aydt-18, Walt Kantola-19

circa 1951

Third Fire Station - 1977 - Present
4301 334th PL SE, Fall City
Front Row - Vern Winter, Tommie Brice, Don Bluher, Cliff Maudlin, Stan Kropi, Leon Green, Van Strom, Bob Morris, Richard Hart
Back Row - Ian Macrae, Glen Hamerly, Mel Davidson, Lonnie Ewing, Chris Connor, Bob Magnuson, Dave Schiesser,
Mac Pearson, Kevin Hauglie, John Clare, Gene Stevens, Wayne Hamodey, Jack Barker, Norm Giles
circa 1983 - 1984

Second Fire Station 1961 - 1977  
33623 SE 43rd St, Fall City 
Front row - Left -Right - Stan Kropi, Vern Winter, Dick Mauhl, Gene Stevens, Larry Divers, Art Peterson Jack Barker, Mac Pearson
Back row - Cliff Maudlin, Tommie Brice, Howard DeLaney, Donald Bluher, Robert Magnuson, Ron Alm, Terry Wilson, Doug McClymont
Center front - Leroy Bronemann

circa 1975


1975 photo of firefighters at the second station










Across the street from First Fire Station - 337th and SE 43rd Street, Fall City
First known photo of some of the members of Fire District 27
circa 1948


1948 photo of firefighters






1983 photo of firefighters at the third station